Environmental and Agricultural Testing Service

Testing Services

Elemental Content

Wet digestion or dry combustion techniques are used to determine the elemental content of solid samples – carbon, nitrogen, macro / micro nutrients, and trace / heavy metals.

Extractable Species

Wet digestion / extraction techniques are used to determine sulfur, boron, and chloride.

Liquids and Digestates Content

The laboratory is able to analyze the elemental content of various liquid extracts / digestates including, but not limited to, soil and plant extracts, digestates of plant and animal tissue, cells, inorganic catalysts, and industrial processing fluids, etc.

Water and Waste Water

The laboratory makes available an extensive set of routine analyses for water and wastewater.

Filtration,  Ammonium,  Nitrite,  Nitrate,  Phosphate,  Chloride,  Fluoride,  pH,  Conductivity,  Sulfate,  Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen,  Total phosphorus,  Metals,  Total Organic / Inorganic Carbon,  Total Nitrogen,  Total Dissolved Solids