Environmental and Agricultural Testing Service

Lisa Lentz

Room: 3319
Office Phone: 919.515.2636
Email: lisa_lentz@ncsu.edu

Lisa routinely performs sample analyses for total C H N S, solids-extractable species, and dry / wet sample digestions for macro / micro-nutrient analysis. She is the contact person to schedule the use of the analytical balances, grinding room, muffle furnaces, digestion equipment and safety training.

Kim Hutchison

Room: 3114B
Office Phone: 919.513.1297
Email: kim_hutchison@ncsu.edu

Kim performs elemental analyses using ICP-Optical Emission Spectrometry and -Mass Spectrometry. She handles the digestion and analysis of non-routine matrix samples. As of July 2014, elemental analysis using ICP-Mass Spectrometry will be handled through the Analytical Spectroscopy Service Laboratory.

Guillermo Ramirez

Room: 3319
Office Phone: 919.515.2636
Email: guillermo_ramirez@ncsu.edu

Guillermo performs analyses on liquid samples such as, filtration, pH, TOC, ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, chloride, fluoride, sulfate, total Kjeldahl nitrogen, total dissolved nitrogen and carbon, and dissolved metals. Guillermo is the contact person for safety training on the Latchat and TOC instrumentation.