Waste Management

waste_comp.jpgThe Department of Soil Science is active in programs that deal with agricultural, industrial, human, and by-product wastes.

These products are land applied for beneficial reuse and/or disposal to the land in agronomic settings. The Department has an active research and extension program dealing with the treatment and management of these products. Public acceptance for handling these products only comes through proper site evaluation, system design, and site management. The Department is involved in all these areas through its research and extension programs. Currently our programs address:

  • Research into the role of land application of lagoon effluent and its contribution to bacterial loading in groundwater is being evaluated by Alexandria Graves. Bacterial isolates recovered from groundwater wells are characterized by phenotypic and genotypic methods for bacterial source identification.
  • Dan Israel and Jot Smyth are determining the nitrogen availability coefficient of swine-lagoon sludge under fields conditions.
  • Deanna Osmond is characterizing increases in soil test phosphorus from swine-lagoon sludge applications.
  • Establishment of accurate realistic yield expectations for crops used for waste application sites (Deanna Osmond and David Crouse).
  • Determination of N and P release coefficients for land-applied biosolids Jeff White).
  • Determination of potential heavy-metal toxicity from land-applied biosolids Jeff White).