Matt Polizzotto

Department of Soil Science
North Carolina State University
PO Box 7619
Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7619

Room: 3234
Office Phone: 919.515.2040
Email: matt_polizzotto@ncsu.edu

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Specialty: Soil and Environmental Hydrogeochemistry

The overarching goal of our research program is to help better predict, manage and respond to environmental contaminants that threaten human health. Contaminant distributions in soils, sediments and natural waters are controlled by a host of physical, chemical and biological processes, each of which can exert its influence over a range of spatial and temporal scales. In our research, we integrate a suite of field, laboratory and spectroscopic approaches to better understand the sources, fate and transport of contaminants in the environment. Research themes include 1) aquifer vulnerability to contamination; 2) agricultural impacts on trace-element distributions in soils, surface water and groundwater; and 3) water quality and sanitation in low-income countries.


Research - Referred Journals

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