Aziz Amoozegar

Department of Soil Science
North Carolina State University
PO Box 7619
Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7619

Room: 1310
Office Phone: 919.515.3967
Email: aziz_amoozegar@ncsu.edu

Specialty: Environmental Soil Physics

Research interests are (i) movement of water and pollutants from municipal and industrial wastes through soils and their underlying strata and (ii) characterization of soil materials for waste disposal purposes. Research programs include assessment of soil water and pollutant movement from on-site wastewater disposal systems, evaluation of the effects of macropores on water and solute flow in soils and saprolites, evaluation of the effects of waste disposal on soil hydraulic properties, and development of techniques for determination of soil physical properties as related to waste management practices. Special attention is devoted to on-site management of household wastewater.

Publications - Research

Books or Book Chapters

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Refereed Journals

  • Kang, J., A. Amoozegar, D.L. Hesterberg, and D.L. Osmond. 2011. Phosphorus Leaching In Sandy Soils as Affected by Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer Sources. Geoderma 161:194–201.
  • Grimes, B. H., S. Steinbeck, and A. Amoozegar. 2003. Analysis of tire chips as a substitute for stone aggregates in nitrification trenches of onsite septic systems: Status and notes on comparative macrobiology of tire chip versus stone aggregates trenches. Small Flows Quarterly, National Small Flows Clearinghouse. 4:18-23.
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Peer Reviewed Proceedings

  • Amoozegar, A., S. Warren, C. Niewoehner, W. Robarge, M. Hoover, D. Hesterberg, and R. Rubin. 2004. Effect of graywater on soil hydraulic properties. p. 231-240 In K. R. Mankin (ed.) Proc. of the 10th National Symp. on Individual and Small Community Sewage Systems. Am. Soc. Agric. Am. Soc. Agric. Engr., St. Joseph, MI.
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Published Abstracts

  • Guertal, W. R., M. J. Vepraskas, A. Amoozegar, and H. J. Kleiss. 1991. Identification of hydraulically active and inactive macropores in soil-saprolite sequences. Agron. Abstracts 312.
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