Art Wollum

c/o Department of Soil Science
North Carolina State University
PO Box 7619
Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7619

Room: c/o SSC
Office Phone:
Email: iv.art@earthlink.net

Specialty: Soil Microbiology

Research focus is on the physiological ecology of rhizobia under stress conditions including temperature, moisture, and acidity. Genetic diversity and population structure of indigenous Brady rhizobium species and rhizosphere bacteria are being studied using PCR, physiological activities via BIOLOG, and identification of bacterial communities in soil by pulse-field electrophoresis with restriction enzymes. Technology transfer projects involving biological nitrogen fixation are underway for developing countries and include evaluation of inoculant quality, inoculant production technology, and inoculant utilization. Also being studied are microbial ecology of nitrogen transformations in soils and aquatic ecosystems; microbial ecology of waste amended soils; and bioremediation of soils, especially those in fragile ecosystems, affected by heavy metals and pesticides.


Research Publications

  • Vaughan, J.D., G.D. Hoyt, and A.G. Wollum, II. 2000. Cover Crop Nitrogen Availability to Conventional and No-Till Corn: Soil Mineral Nitrogen, Corn Nitrogen Status, and Corn Yield. Commun Soil Sci. Plant Anal. 31:1017-1041