Daniel Israel

Department of Soil Science
North Carolina State University
PO Box 7619
Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7619

Room: 3131
Office Phone: 919.513.3031
Email: Dan_Israel@ncsu.edu

Specialty: Plant Nutrition and Waste Management

Retired 2/03/09. Current research is directed toward 1)applying knowledge of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition of soybean to solve waste management problems associated with intensive swine production systems, 2)quantifying the impact of intensive swine and poultry production systems and associated waste management practices on the quality of ground and surface water with emphasis on nitrate movement from fields receiving animal waste to surface waters through shallow groundwater, and 3)elucidation of physiological and nutritional factors that regulate P composition of in soybean seed.


Extension Publications

  • Israel, D.W., and J.W. Burton. 1997. Nitrogen nutrition of soybean grown in coastal plain soils of North Carolina. N. C. Agri. Res. Serv., Tech. Bull. 310.

Research Publications

  • Cahill, S., D. Osmond, and D. Israel. 2010. Nitrogen release from coated urea fertilizers in different soils. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis. 41:1-12.
  • Hashimoto, Y., T.J. Smyth, D.W. Israel and D. Hesterberg. 2010. Lack of soybean root elongation responses to micromolar magnesium additions and fate of root-exuded citrate in acid subsoils. Journal of Plant Nutrition 33:219-239.
  • Iyyemperumal, K., J. Green, Jr., D. Israel, N. Ranells, W. Shi, 2008. Soil chemical and microbiological properties in hay production systems: residual effects of contrasting N fertilization of swine lagoon effluent versus ammonium nitrate. Biology and Fertility of Soils *44, 425-434*
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Peer Reviewed Proceedings

  • Israel, D. W. and W. J. Showers. 2001. Nitrate movement from swine lagoon-effluent-spray fields toward an adjacent stream. In: International Symposium: Addressing Animal Production and Environmental Issues. Proceedings. Ed. G. B. Havenstein. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, North Carolina State University. pp. 568-575