Keith Cassel

Department of Soil Science
North Carolina State University
PO Box 7619
Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7619

Room: 3410
Office Phone: 919.515.1457
Email: dkc919@gmail.com

Specialty: Soil Physics

Retired March 1, 2006. Currently summarizing long term deep tillage research. Past research dealt with practical soil physics problems dealing with tillage and irrigation practices to optimize water management, sustain agricultural production, and reduce environmental degradation. Temporal and spatial changes in soil properties and the movement of selected chemicals in soils as related to precision agriculture are included. Many of these management systems, crop production, and associated physical processes, such as water and solute transport in and through soils, were studied as functions of landscape position using both conventional and spatial statistical procedures. An international research component involved the study of soil degradation and reclamation of degraded soils on steeplands in the humid tropics of Central America. This research involved water management, water and tillage erosion and its control, and nutrient leaching.


Extension Publications

Research Publications

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