EPA Professional

Alan Meijer

Vernon G. James Research and Extension Center
207 Research Station Road
Plymouth, North Carolina 27962

Room: 130
Office Phone: 252.793.4428 x166
Email: alan_meijer@ncsu.edu




  • Selecting a Strip-Till Rig
  • SoilFacts: Soil Management Can Maximize Water Availability
  • Soil Facts: Managing Equipment Traffic to Limit Soil Compaction
  • SoilFacts: Conservation Tillage Use in Peanut Production
  • Soil Facts: Long-term Tillage Effects on Corn and Soybean Yield in the Piedmont


Publications - Refereed Journals

  • Meijer, A., J.L. Heitman, J.G. White, and R. Austin. 2012. Measuring Erosion in Long-Term Tillage Plots Using Ground-Based Lidar. Soil & Tillage Res. In press.
  • Reberg-Horton, S.C., J.M. Grossman, T.S. Kornecki, A.D. Meijer, A.J. Price, G.T. Place and T.M. Webster. Utilizing cover crop mulches to reduce tillage in organic systems in the Southeast. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. (Accepted).
  • Smith, A.N., Reberg-Horton, S.C., Place, G.T., Meijer, A.D., Arellano, C., and Mueller, J.P. 2011. Rolled Rye Mulch for Weed Suppression in Organic No-Tillage Soybeans. Weed Science 59(2):224-231.