TO: Trainers of Animal Waste Management System Operators
FROM: David Crouse- NC Cooperative Extension Service
Bo McMinn, DWQ Technical Assistance and Certification Group
Date: June 7,1997
SUBJECT: Certified Operator Requirements for Trainers

The question has arisen as to the requirements a trainer must complete in order to be eligible for the certified animal waste operator examination. Following are the requirements we feel are necessary:

  1. Have participated in the appropriate (Type A or Type B) train the trainer session and have obtained a Trainer Identification number from the Cooperative Extension Service.
  2. Have led at least one training session of 10 hours or more. The session must have been for the type of certification for which the trainer is applying (Type A or Type B).
  3. Have submitted to the Division of Water Quality, Technical Assistance and Certification Group a roster of students attending the training session which idicates you as the trainer.
  4. Payed the $10 examination fee.
  5. Must be 18 years old.

Trainers which have not led a session but have attended or participated in the 10 hours of training are eligible for the examination by having their name included on the roster as a student completing the training program. The $10 examination fee and 18 year old requirement apply as well.

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