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Chapter 8: Consequences of Improper Management

Regulatory and Legal Issues

Discharge of Animal Waste

PowerPoint Presentation

Discharge of Animal Waste

Willful Discharge

Water Quality Standards

Permit Status

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General Permits

General Permits Animal Waste Management Plans:

General Permits Inspections and Review:

General Permits Mandatory Reporting:

Mandatory Reporting-any direct discharge of animal waste into waters of the state.

Mandatory Reporting-any deterioration or leak in a lagoon system that poses an immediate threat to the environment.

Mandatory Reporting-failure to maintain adequate storage capacity in a lagoon that poses an immediate threat to public health or the environment.

Mandatory Reporting-overspraying animal waste either in excess of the limits set out in the animal waste management plan or where runoff enters waters of the state.

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Water Pollution Control System Operators Certification Commission

WPCSOCC Type A Animal Waste Management Systems:

WPCSOCC Type B Animal Waste Management Systems:

WPCSOCC Certification of Animal Waste Operators:

WPCSOCC Enforcement Actions:

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WPCSOCC Duties and Requirements of Owners:

WPCSOCC Duties and Requirements of an Operator in Charge:

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Community Issues, or Good Neighbor Policy

Improper Management Affects You

Improper Management Affects the Animal Industry

Third-Party Lawsuits

Production Issues

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Environmental Stewardship

Considerations in Your Quest to Be a Good Manager

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