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Chapter 7: Safety and Emergency Action Plans


Safety Dangerous Gases:

Safety Dangerous Gases:

Safety First Aid for Victims of Manure-Gas-Asphyxiation:

Safety Safety Precautions with Manure Storage:

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Safety Vehicle Safety:

Safety Vehicle Safety-Power Take-Off (PTO):

Safety Vehicle Safety-Hydraulic Systems:

Safety Electrical Safety:

Safety Responsibilities of the Site Supervisor:

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Safety There should be a person available at all times with first aid training in:

Safety Responsibilities of the Employer:

Safety Responsibilities of the Employee:

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Safety Personal Protective Equipment:

Safety Lifting and Carrying:

Safety Personal Hygiene:

Safety Working in a Confined Space:

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Emergency Action Plan

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Emergency Action Plan Stop the Release of Wastes:

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Emergency Action Plan Assess the Extent of the Spill:

Emergency Action Plan Contact Appropriate Agencies:

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Emergency Action Plan Implement Procedures:

Emergency Action Plan

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