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Chapter 4: Tools for the Plan

Tools for the Plan

Waste Analysis

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Waste Sampling

Liquid Wastes

Lagoon Liquid

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A Simple Lagoon Liquid Sampler

Liquid Slurry

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A Simple Waste Slurry Sampler

Solid Wastes

A Simple Solid Waste Sampler

Who Can Analyze My Waste Sample?

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What Does My Waste Analysis Report Tell Me?

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What Is Soil Testing?

Who Can Analyze My Soil Sample?

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How Do I Take a Soil Sample?

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What Does My Soil Test Report Tell Me?

What Does My Soil Test Report Tell Me? pH

What Does My Soil Test Report Tell Me? Nutrients Reported as Index Values

Relationship Between Soil Test Index and Crop Response

How Can Soil Tests Be Used to Adjust and Monitor Waste Utilization Plans?

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Ranking Fields for Animal Waste Applications

Heavy Metals - isolated heavy metal toxicity in a sandy portion of a field.

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Plant Analysis

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How Can Plant Analysis Be a Predictive and Diagnostic Tool?

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How Do I Take Pasture Samples for Feed Testing?

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