Animal Waste Management Systems Type B


Common Abbreviations

ac = acre(s)

ac-in. = acre-inch

bu = bushel(s)

Cu = copper

dia = diameter

ft = feet or foot

ft2 = square feet or sq ft

ft3 = cubic feet or cu ft

gal = gallon(s)

gal/ft2 = gallons per square foot

gpm = gallons per minute

hr = hour(s)

in. = inch(es)

in./hr = inches per hour

in./min = inches per minute

lb = pound(s)

lb/1,000 gal = pounds per thousand gallons

lb/ac = pounds per acre

mg/l = milligrams per liter

min = minute(s)

mph = miles per hour

N = nitrogen

PAN = plant-available nitrogen

psi = pounds per square inch

Zn = zinc


Conversion Factors


1 acre = 43,560 square feet

1 acre-inch = 27,154 gallons

Lane spacing for traveling gun = 70% to 80% wetted area

Lane spacing for stationary gun = 50% to 65% wetted area

mg/l = pounds per 1,000 gallons

1 cubic foot (ft3) = 7.48 gallons

Gallons 0.0042 = tons

Bushels 1.25 = cubic feet

1 bushel of manure = 75 pounds


Important Formulas

  1. Volume of wastewater generated


  1. Waste application rate for priority nutrient (pounds per acre)


  1. Acres needed for waste application


  1. Application rate (gallons per acre)


  1. Application rate (tons per acre)


  1. Pound of plant-available nitrogen applied per acre


  1. Number of waste applications needed


  1. Precipitation (application) rate for stationary equipment, inches per hour


  1. Time of irrigation system operation (hours)


  1. Precipitation (application) rate for traveling gun; inches per hour, where "w" is the angle of rotation expressed in degrees


  1. Application volume (depth) for traveling gun; inches


  1. Travel speed for traveling gun; inches per minute


  1. Area of a rectangle

Area of a circle


  1. Coverage area for application


  1. Application rate for spreader


  1. Determination of spreader capacity


  1. Application rate calibration for solids spreader (tons/acre)


  1. Application rate for litter (solids) spreader (tons/acre)


  1. Application speed for solids spreader (mph)

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