Animal Waste Management Systems Type A


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why Are We Here?


Chapter 2: System Components and Operation — Type A


Chapter 3: Waste Management Plans


Chapter 4: Tools for the Plan

Chapter 5: Proper Application of Waste Products — Type A


Chapter 6: Record Keeping


Chapter 7: Safety and Emergency Action Plans


Chapter 8: Consequences of Improper Management


Resources and Technical Assistance — Appendix A

Publication List — Appendix B

NCDA Analysis Forms — Appendix C

Odor and Insect Control Checklists — Appendix D

Example Exam Questions (Type A) — Appendix E

General Permits/Waste Management Plans — Appendix F

Required Records — Appendix G

Continuing Education Materials — Appendix H

Calibration Worksheets — Appendix I

Regulatory Documents — Appendix J

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