Graduate Classes

SSC 570 Wetland Soils (DE)
Fall semester of every year

To understand wetland terms and concepts including the chemical, hydrological, and morphological characteristics of wetland soils.  Principles of wetland creation, restoration, and mitigation will be introduced.

One course in Soil Science is recommended but not required.

two one-hour exams, final exam, and two field trips are required. Students must also complete a special project and present it to the class.

Primary Topics:

  • Wetland Hydrology Principles and Techniques
  • Wetland Soil Chemistry
  • Wetland Biology
  • Hydric Soil Formation and Identification
  • Wetland Classification Systems
  • Riverine Wetlands
  • Wetlands on Flats and Depressions
  • Coastal Wetlands
  • Wetland Creation and Restoration
  • Wetland Regulations