Graduate Classes

SSC 532 Soil Microbiology (DE)
Spring semester of every year

This course is designed to cover basic concepts and theories on microbial occurrence, distribution, and activity in the soil environment, develop comprehensive knowledge on fundamental microbial functions including, but not limited to organic and inorganic transformations, introduce a variety of techniques and methods in environmental soil microbiology, and challenge students with real-world issues and problems in relation to agricultural production and environmental quality.

BIO 181, SSC 200 or equivalent

Three one-hour exams, 5 homework assignments, and 1project report

Primary Topics:

  • Interactions between microorganisms and soils.
  • Microbial functions in carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus cycling.
  • Influence of soil physical, chemical, and biological factors on microbial occurrence, distribution and activity.
  • Key determinants of microbial activities and function in specific land uses and agricultural management systems.
  • Impacts of soil microbial activities and functions on sustainable use of soils, and agricultural production.
  • Environmental soil microbiology as related to real-life issues and problems.