Graduate Classes

SSC 521 Soil Chemistry
Spring semester of every year

Provide an understanding of modern soil chemistry principles in research and problem solving in agricultural and environmental sciences; develop skills in analytical and quantitative problem-solving, data analysis and interpretation, experimental design, and communication; enable students to access the soil chemistry literature through a working knowledge of the terminology and concepts in soil chemistry; develop in students superior professional skills (including technical, planning, writing, communication, and collaboration skills) that will help succeed in academia, industry, private consulting, or a government agency.

SSC 200, 1 yr. of general inorganic chemistry (or consent of instructor)

six problem sets, two midterm exams, a comprehensive final exam, and group project

Primary Topics:

  • Applications of Soil Chemistry
  • Inorganic soil components
  • Soil Organic Matter
  • Soil Solution – Solid-phase Equilibrium
  • Redox Chemistry of Soils
  • Chemisorption and Surface Chemistry of Soils
  • Ion exchange in soils