Undergraduate Classes

SSC 461 Soil Physical Properties
Fall semester of every year

Course Location: On Campus

To understand concepts related to soil physical properties and how these physical properties affect the way we use and manage soils. To develop problem solving skills and apply these skills to solve soil‑related problems. To learn how to manage and/or modify soil physical properties and processes for various applications in agriculture, turf, forestry, and horticulture.

SSC 200 or equivalent

Three mid-term exams, homework, class project, and final exam

Primary Topics:

  • Soil solids and basic soil physical relationships
  • Soil water: Plant availability, saturated flow, unsaturated flow, chemical transport
  • Soil Temperature, heat transfer, and surface energy balance
  • Gas transport and soil aeration
  • Management considerations for the soil physical environment
  • Applications of soil physical principles to contemporary topics (guest lectures)