Undergraduate Classes

SSC 442 Soil and Environmental Biogeochemistry
Spring of each year

Course Location: On Campus

To investigate the cycling of nutrients and pollutants in soils and the effects of human activities on both the soil environment and global processes. Connections will be made to the real world by using case studies to illustrate the key chemical and biological concepts associated with elemental cycles.

Two semesters of chemistry and an introductory course in soils, earth science, or environmental engineering, or permission of instructor

Problem sets, two short writing assignments, a presentation, two mid-term exams, final exam

Primary Topics:

  • Structure of the Earth and Soils
  • Quantitative Approaches to Problems
  • The Carbon Cycle
  • Organic Contaminants
  • Non-metallic Nutrients: N, P, and S
  • Metals and Metalloids
  • Environmental Remediation