Undergraduate Classes

SSC 342 Soil Fertility Laboratory
Fall and Spring of every year

Course Location: On Campus

To provide a thorough understanding of the mechanics of soil testing and fertilizer recommendation systems so that the student can describe soil testing methods used to quantify plant nutrient availability, interpret a soil test report, and how soil and plant test information are used to establish nutrient recommendations and nutrient management plans. The course will provide detailed information on (1) the chemical methods utilized in routine soil testing and plant analysis, (2) field soil sampling techniques, (3) nutrient recommendations, (4) nutrient response functions, and (5) nutrient management planning.

SSC 200 or equivalent; SSC 341 preferred

two exams, four problem sets, lab report

Primary Topics:

  • Soil sampling methods
  • Soil testing for cations, micronutrients
  • Soil pH, lime requirement
  • Extractable phosphorus
  • Extractable nitrogen
  • Soil salinity
  • Fertilizer recommendations
  • Plant analysis
  • Economic optimum nutrient rate
  • Nutrient management and environmental quality
  • Nutrient management planning