Undergraduate Classes

SSC 151 Fertilizers and Soil Fertility
Spring of every year

Course Location: On Campus

Principles of managing plant nutrients in soils for crop, turfgrass, horticulture and other plant production; nutrient requirements; nutrient availability in soils; soil acidity and liming; fertilizer materials; organic fertilizers; and environmental effects of fertilizers. Students will develop and understanding of soil testing and interpretation of results.


Three midterm exams, homework exercises, team project and a comprehensive final

Primary Topics:

  • Fertilizer Chemistry and Terminology
  • Factors Affecting Plant Growth
  • Soil Properties Related to Soil Fertility
  • Essential Elements
  • Soil pH and Liming
  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Secondary and Micro Nutrients
  • Soil Testing and Interpretation
  • Plant Analyses
  • Environmental Issues
  • Waste Products as a Source of Nutrients
  • Effects of Nutrients on Water Quality
  • Nutrient Management